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I capture split second moments of passion, vulnerability, and skill in athletes.

I have been photographing Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and boxing for three years. I have photographed Mixed Martial Arts events for promotions including Midwest Fight Series, Colosseum Combat, and Summit City Showdown as well as Muay Thai and kickboxing matches for Impacto Promotions and the Sparta Championship Striking Series. I have also been hired to produce on site portraits for fighters Yeison 'YaYyoo' Berdugo and Aaron 'Twin' Highbaugh as well as yearly portrait work for Triumph Boxing and Martial Arts and American Top Team's Golden Gloves contenders. I am able to combine my photo journalistic style and training in boxing to give voice to the passion and sacrifice of these athletes.

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Kate Gregg




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