2019 Indiana Arts Commission On-Ramp Fellowship

March 13.2020

Thank you Cora Veltman and Nuvo Indy for highlighting my Indiana Arts Commission On-Ramp project as well as the amazing gyms that have so kindly let me hang out and document their practices monthly. It has been a busy year but this project has been such a blast! Although sadly Golden Gloves 2020 has been indefinitely postponed, these gyms, coaches, and fighters deserve huge accolades for their passion and dedication to the sport and bettering themselves daily! Go check out the article at Nuvo Indy under the sports section.

March 11, 2020

Amir is one of Badd Boyz Boxing’s top contenders for the 2020 Indiana Golden Gloves. A perfect example of what this program supports and the beauty of what boxing offers.

Boxing is not about brutality. To truly box, requires a level of self control and strategy. You must be able to read your opponent’s next move before he makes it or in a split second as you stare down a fist flying toward you. It is in the slightest muscle twitch that tells you they are about to throw a hook. Its reading very minuscule movements, processing, making your plan, then putting it in to action. It happens in seconds. Seconds which, for most of us, wouldn’t be enough. It requires controlling your anger. You can’t get furious when a boxer lands that swing or when they trash talk you. The moment they are in your head, you are in trouble. A good boxing program teaches you those skills. Skills that spill over into daily life. You can’t get angry and give up when life doesn’t go your way. You have to see the valleys in life, keep calm, make your plan, and execute it.

Badd Boyz Boxing is familiar with youth who are in need of these skills. Coach Hutchinson is filling the gap in our community to help teach these and make sure Indy’s youth are prepared to face life’s hard challenges and do so successfully.

Amir came in to the gym 3 years ago accompanied by a counselor for juvenile deviance. He couldn’t control his attitude and was missing school because of fights. “He’d get mad and snap at anything. Today you couldn’t even recognize that person. You couldn’t find that same person,” Coach recalls. This is Amir’s 3rd year training at Badd Boyz. “The first year we put him in that ring, he’d get hit hard and he’d get frustrated. Throw that head gear down and run out of here. We probably won’t see him for 2-3 days. But he’d always come back so I knew he was interested.” Last year Amir went on a streak, winning every fight until late November. He has come a long way from where he used to be. Now, Amir is in the gym daily after school and work preparing for Golden Gloves. Amir doesn’t fight in week one of Golden Gloves but he is ready when his turn comes.

Golden Gloves will be at Tyndall Armory, 711 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis. Doors open at 6 PM and fights start at 7 PM. Tickets will be available at the door. Hope to see everyone downtown to support Badd Boyz, IBG, and the many other gyms, coaches, and fighters from around Indiana who have dedicated their time to prepare to step in that ring and be a part of Indiana history.

March 3, 2020

Badd Boyz Boxing was started by Patrick Hutchinson in 1996 when he moved to Indiana to be with his kids and wife. “I got into boxing when a coach in Gary told me I was too pretty to get my butt whopped. I was just curious so I ended up showing up and ended up getting my butt kicked. It just made me want to try. I don’t like losing. From there I just started liking the sport more.” Now Hutchinson runs a gym on the second floor at Barnes United Methodist Church. Membership is $40 per month. Many of the youth they gain from flyers passed out at schools, kids taking flyers, and referrals from juvenile probation programs.

The rules of his gym:

1. No cussing

2. No sitting in my gym

3. You tell me no and you’re done for the day

4. That’s the parent section (Hutchinson points to the side of the gym), stay out of my business

Break any of those rules and you get 25 pushups. Do all pushups or you get 25 more until you do and you won’t box in the next competition. “You can’t go by my rules, you don’t belong up here.” For Hutchinson the rules aren’t flexible. He’s not here to teach kids to punch but rather how to be a boxer. That goes beyond throwing a fist. It is controlling your anger, it is following the rules, it is being respectful, and it is learning the science to boxing.

January 31, 2020

I would like to introduce you to the second gym I will be highlighting on this year’s Journey to the Indiana Golden Gloves: Indy Boxing and Grappling. Aka IBG or @ibgon3 on Instagram.

You can find them at 2926 E Washington Street in Indianapolis. Past a gravel parking lot void of any empty spaces and through a side door toward the back of a nondescript building with no identifying signs, you walk into a dimly lit concrete walled room. Soft foam mats cushion your steps, heavy bags hang from chains throughout. On the slanted concrete block in the center of the room you’ll find at least a dozen coats of all sizes hung from hooks. Street shoes and water bottles sitting beneath. The air is cool for now but soon it will become warm and humid as practice ramps into full swing. On the other side of this back room, you’ll find a wall of spare boxing gloves, jump ropes draped on hooks, mirrors resting against the wall, and a double end bag stretching floor to ceiling. The sound of couple dozen jump ropes snapping against the floor in time rings in your ears. In the next room, everyone warms up for a night of boxing and grappling lessons. Tonight, boxing is led by Coach Pat with Natalie Gage and Andrew Holbrook helping first time boxers and pros alike and Luke Taylor coaching grappling. All the coaches are volunteering their time. Everyone practices side by side: recreational, amateur, and pro. First time boxers and UFC fighters.

What are 3 things that define IBG?

1. Hard work. They thrive on it.

2. Toughness

3. Competitive drive

As we continue this journey, you’ll see how these 3 things have created a legendary gym with a profound and selfless drive to build Indy’s youth.

Thank you to the Indiana Arts Commission for sponsoring this project.

January 14, 2020

For the next few months as part of my On-Ramp Fellowship, I will be chronicling two Indianapolis gyms who are reaching out to our underserved youth. Teaching them not only the skill of boxing, but that they have the power to choose their path. Hope you join us on this Journey to the Golden Gloves!

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to one of the local gyms who will be participating in this journey. Badd Boyz Boxing is led by coach Patrick Hutchinson and operates out of Barnes United Methodist Church off of 30th Street in Indianapolis. Monday through Friday from 6-9 PM you can follow the sound of clanking chains as leather gloves pop against heavy bags upstairs to find coach Hutchinson and team practicing hard. Each night includes a mix of bag work, mitt work, sparring, and conditioning. Everyone chooses to be there and pushes each other to do best for the good of the team.

Thank you to the Indiana Arts Commission for sponsoring this this project. 

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